ethical petal MAKERS

Completing the team are our makers, here in the UK Olwyn at Stitching Times is a highly skilled seamstress and worked on the development samples which were sent out to Bangladesh. Since I worked with Olwyn on my 1st graduate label she has set up her own workshop and alterations company in Glossop, Derbyshire.

In Bangladesh we have linked Boni Amin and Sharif Moseur who are co-ordinating the sampling and production using a small factory/sample house who are working hard to provide high quality samples and final product. This manufacturing unit was established in the Savar area of Dhaka in July 2013 and the owner is keen to continue expanding his business whilst adhering to all ethical trading standards.

All our makers have been selected to ensure that every person involved in the manufacture of our garments has:-

  • ·       Has taken pride in each and every stage of the manufacturing process
  • ·       Has been treated fairly and respectfully without discrimination
  • ·       Has not had to work over the legal amount of hours or
  • ·       Had to work through the night to enable a shipment date to be met
  • ·       Has not had to endure unpleasant working environment.
  • ·       Is over the legal working age
  • ·       Has been paid a fair price and wage

We hope that by wearing an ETHICAL PETAL garment you will feel as special as the people responsible for making it!


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