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Welcome to the ethical petal.  We are an independent online clothing label specialising in ethically sourced  fashion, based in the north of England and in Dhaka, Bangladesh.  As a multi cultural partnership we are dedicated to producing beautifully designed, high quality retro inspired garments, made in vintage style prints sourced from the local markets of Dhaka.

Each garment has been designed in the UK and has been made with care in Bangladesh; our small UK and Dhaka based team have pooled their knowledge and skills in design, fabric sourcing, garment construction/manufacturing, quality control to produce a truly special garment. The concept of our brand is based on a shared ethos for ethical fashion.

Each of the spring summer ethical petal styles will be sold here in the UK as a limited run, with the continual introduction of new prints throughout the seasons to ensure the range remains as fresh and individual as possible.


A selection of styles from the 1st limited run of 16 styles – 100% cotton dresses and separates

I am Sian and I created this label so I could make a long awaited return to designing again - after many years working in the industry in a non creative role. I also wanted to give my friends in Bangladesh the opportunity to be part of a positive and exciting project, taking an active part in the creation of a high quality and sustainable fashion brand.


On a one of many trips to Dhaka working in Quality Assurance I passed a road side market with the most amazing selection of printed fabrics on display. In an instant the thought occurred to me that I should design a range for them, so the seed of the ethical petal was sewn!   We will be sourcing "vintage" style prints from these local markets for the ethical petal SS14 collection and applying them to both contemporary and retro shapes.

to be cont'd . . . . . . 


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