Ideas for autumn - the allure of red

vintage 50's Lucite evening sandal with red silk roses

As autumn is now upon us we are featuring some colours from the classic winter palette, beginning with the timeless and vibrant colour red - from the brightest tomato to the deepest russet tones.

Vogue Italia - red silk dress
Taking inspiration from some gorgeous Vogue Italia and vintage fashion editorials, this post celebrates all things red! Worn in the form of a full length dress or just as a subtle accessory, red is sure to brighten up the dullest winter day.

Above - a model languishing amongst the summer poppies in a red silk dress
Worn with a buff silk dress opaque tights in deep burgundy

Tomato red silk play suit

Above, using red to accessorize a neutral dress and right from the UK autumn collections, top to toe in a bright red silk and chiffon play suit.

Below from Italy a burgundy silk dress before the late summer harvest.
Deep russet red silk dress
Ballerina style taffeta 50's style skirts
Tomato red dog tooth check coat

From Vogue Italia ballerina style taffeta 50's style skirts in shades of plum

From the UK autumn collections, left the perfect winter coat in red and white oversized dog tooth check wool.

Ethical petal red batwing jersey top

From the ethical petal winter range, left Freya wearing our 70's inspired red jersey batwing top development sample.


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